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I absolutely love this crockpot. The large handle to carry with is a perfect addition for anyone who travels with their crockpot.. The only thing I have to say really about this is that it does seem to cook hotter and faster then my other crockpots in the past. Once you get down the timing on this it is great.

By Tiffany / Buyer on Amazon
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Ordered this product and received it super fast! It’s amazing!!! The food tastes exactly like it’s
being made in an oven/pot but the mess is limited as it’s all in one place! It’s easy to use and fast to
Clean! I would definitely recommend this product to others!

Amazon Customer
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I am completely comfortable calling this set magic. Yes, they work exactly as listed, and the colors are vibrant, of course. They are heavier than my previous tools, but that’s because I was using terrible tools. The big pizzazz, though, is that these genuinely make me enjoy cooking. I just feel like such a pro! I actually went online to learn how to use that.. flat-y one with holes. To BLANCHE. Which led to making pesto. Which led to finally using my food processor. For someone who could barely be bothered to boil water, before, this is a pretty big deal.

By candice B. / Amazon
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