Your Husband Is Cheating On You : These 5 Signs Should Get Your Attention

Most women worry about their husbands being unfaithful but do not have an idea what clues to look for.

Because of this, some women ended up being cheated on without even knowing it. Instead, they blindly trust the bond of marriage will protect them from the infidelity of their husbands.

When it comes to cheating, I do not believe there is any definitive clue, which is what makes this type of thing confusing and hurting.

Discovering a cheating husband in this time and age has become easier than ever before in history.

Evidence trails a gigabyte long left behind this includes emails, text messages, social media, and online credit card statements. When you trust your husband, you trust his explanations.

But there are always certain things that get your antennae up. While some signs are not that obvious, if you are willing to look, they are almost there.

This article will teach you how to listen to your head rather than listening to your heart, by showing you some of the signs that indicate a cheating husband.

These behaviors are only indicators of a cheating husband and are not absolutes. Your husband may have one or two indications of these behaviors and still be faithful to you.

But when you observe several or most of these behaviors your marriage might be in trouble.


If you think something is going on or his behaving strangely, do not ignore your instincts because a woman’s intuitions are never wrong.

You may not be certain or to substantiate what your intuition is saying, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore.

If you listen to your intuition which mind you, has no agenda, it just tells you what it picks up from a million subtle clues.

That is why it’s best to trust your instinct that something is off.


Anything that can be characterized as unusual, secretive or unexplained behavior could signify that he is hiding something.

Some of the unexplained and unusual ways are making and receiving phone calls in private, deleting texts messages from his phone, having more than one personal email address, getting a second number and also password protecting everything.

There more unexplained behaviors but just to mention a few.

All these are warning signs that your husband is secretly hiding something from you, which are clues that he is straying.


If your husband starts caring less about you, your family or your marriage and worrying more about work or he stops noticing you; this could be a sign that he is cheating.

Change in his mood can point to more than just a stressful time at work; this could be from internal turmoil and tension.

If he starts picking up small fights about things that didn’t bother him before or criticizing you about your appearance, eating habits, intelligence or making hurtful remarks about you.

It’s probably guilt of cheating creeping in, and he is trying to justify what he is doing by focusing on what he doesn’t like about you.


Being in a marriage means being emotionally intertwined sharing every little detail.

If you notice your husband being emotionally distant by keeping secrets, not telling you little things he used to share there is trouble in paradise.

Men aren’t usually the most talkative creatures, but they have an instinctive need to show off accomplishments and successes to their wives.

If he stops showing you, he’s either going through a major crisis or showing another woman. Another instance is if he avoids being alone with you and your conversations become purely superficial he could be pushing you away because his growing closer to someone else.


In a healthy relationship couples often share little touch, these brief displays of affection may not be seen as much but when they stop be sure that his mind is on something else or someone else other than you.

In another scenario of he becomes more or less interested in sex, this can be a sign of infidelity.

Most couples experience changes in their sexual activity over time, but if he is never interested in being intimate anymore, you should consider the fact that he is unfaithful.


Have you ever been cheated on? How did you overcome this situation? What type of advice could you give to other women in the same situation?

Share your experience and inspire thousands of women around the world.

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