About Ki-Shop (kitchenwareshopping.com)

Ki-Shop is a United States based online store powered by amazon.com and specialized in kitchenware, cooking tools and gadgets.

Ki-Shop helps thousands of women all over the United States of America to save money and time by purchasing quality products, which are delivered in 2 to 3 days maximum.

Moreover, as we all know, today, women are becoming stronger and more influential in many areas such as sports, business, politics, etc., but unfortunately many are forced to make a difficult choice between their family life and their professional career .

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that women are strong enough to do both, because this is exactly what many inspired women are doing in many parts of the globe.

So, the second goal of Ki-Shop is to inspire millions of housewives who are aspiring to a successful career without sacrificing their family life.

We share happiness through our blog twice a week, and since we are convinced that “happiness starts in the kitchen”, we’ve also hand picked the very best cooking utensils and gadgets from across Amazon, including Bakeware, Food Processors, Food Storage, Ovens & Toasters, Rice Cookers and more!

Ayl Dhybass
Founder / Customer Support