12 Professional Advice To Lose Weight For Over 30 Years Old

Find professional advice on how to lose weight, if you are older than 30 years can be very difficult with all the bad advice floating on the Internet.

Most people find it even cut down on fatty foods; they are still struggling to lose weight. They do not realize that you cannot change unhealthy eating food to healthy food and hope to start losing weight overnight.

What happens if you eat unhealthy food that your system starts to become contaminated?

Between 30 and 50 years, there are many changes that occur: Life as a couple, pregnancy, and children (sometimes even divorce) emotional, professional events, not to mention the many schemes already tested in this age.

All of these events in the life of an adult can leave a mark on your body.

At the age of 30, the percentage of body fat increase by more than 30 percent. So do not be surprised if it started to gain weight, even if you’re in shape when you’re young.

The body naturally slows down as we age. Metabolism slows about 5% per decade, which causes problems with losing weight after the age of 30 years.

This age is closely linked to their emotional and personal stability.

You’ve probably had enough of these entire restrictive and unrealistic feel certain regimes, which have disastrous consequences for a long time.

You need to know that the body adapt to new circumstances, so you need less food to maintain a certain weight.

Here Are 6 Easy Professional Fitness Advice To Lose Weight When You’re Over 30 Year Old


No skeptical or underestimate the power of meditation and yoga while working.  Yoga and meditation are important elements of my training and lifestyle in general.

Yoga and meditation have different strengths and minimizes the time I have to devote to exercise. One of the biggest benefits of exercise with yoga is that no unpleasant exhausting experience, unlike many other weight loss methods.

I think that yoga is stimulating, as opposed to feeling drained and exhausted after that cardiovascular exercise.

Consequently, my exercise routines do not involve any cardiovascular activities like running, cycling or swimming and have not done so for more than 20 years.

Yoga is a very effective method to focus you mentally, provide stress relief, increase energy levels and can assist immensely in the weight loss process.

Yoga is great for toning muscles, improving strength and flexibility and improves your mental and physical health.


It is clear that a good diet is important for weight loss and fat loss.

Get nutrition from different food groups, but do not overindulge in fat and calories, as this is the main reason why people gain weight.

Also, there is no need for further analysis of food and nutrition pity as they are most likely fresh and healthy air.

I never use expensive pills or potions as most of these just over promise and under deliver and leave you with a lot less cash.

Filled with vegetables and fruit (apples, grapefruit, berries, tofu, spinach, etc.) is much higher than snacks and drink plenty of water.

A good technique to avoid the desire for foods that are high in fat and calories and low in nutrition as it is to think about how bloated and sluggish, you will feel after eating.

You will always feel much better after eating fruits and nutritious vegetables.


The quality and not necessarily the quantity of exercise is important.

It is essential that you use the correct techniques when exercising whether you are in the gym or doing cardiovascular activities.

When doing weight training breathe in and breathe out and use slow and controlled actions. Make sure your posture is correct, keep your back straight and feel those targeted muscles working.

Correctly executed exercise will accelerate weight loss, enhance your strength and physique and minimize injury.

It will help to distribute the correct nourishment to the targeted areas in your body and minimize the amount of time you need to devote to exercising.

You can significantly reduce the amount of exercise you do. Stretching is also very effective for recovery during and after your exercise routine.


The body begins to increase in weight due to reduced metabolic rate due to the decrease in muscle mass.

So, to build more muscle, it is necessary, of course, increase your metabolism and burn more calories and fat. For the body to your muscles need to burn more calories.

And more calories than you burn, you lose weight faster.


You’ve probably tried many different diets: high protein diet, the cabbage soup or meal replacement.

Of course, you’ve probably been able to lose weight but will also put a few pounds you lost as soon as you stop your diet and probably put a few pounds back too.


By now, you know what is important to you, and you will eventually learn how to get your diet under control.

Here Are 6 Easy Professional Nutrition Advice To Lose Weight When You’re Over 30 Year Old

Nutrition Advice To Lose Weight When You're Over 30 Year Old

#1 – Maintain a Well Balanced Diet

Even though you know the principles of a balanced diet, sometimes it cannot be used every day. However, an active lifestyle is not necessarily incompatible with joy has a nice body.

The first step is to plan your meals in detail, do not forget to leave enough time for a consistent daily breakfast. In this way, they manage to lose a few pounds without much effort.

#2 – Try to Eat In Moderation

Try to do not eat as much as your children or your husband: your nutritional needs may be much higher than their own. You can relax from time to time, but also take care of your body (e.g., pureed vegetables or corn bread).

#3 – Do Not Take The Pasta Completely From Your Diet

Contrary to the opinion of the nation as a whole, the dough does not contain too many calories; For example, bread 50g are 125cal many rice 125g. In fact, these foods, the ability to quickly kill hunger.

Thus, the dough should be included in the daily diet at every meal, if possible, but in small quantities (and closely related to the physical activity).

#4 – Do Not Take the Lipids Completely from your Diet

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times fats are high in calories (10 g butter has 75cal). Do 90cal oil 10 g) and that the consumption of foods high in fat is a cardiovascular risk.

Although it is certain that you all fat from your diet, it is not the solution.

If the oil completely takes your diet, it does not consume more unsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in the health of nerve cells and skin paper.

If you do not eat all of the butter or opt to consume dairy products such as grease, can lead to a lack of vitamin A and D, which are included in the milk fat. Therefore, the daily diet 10 g butter and 10 g of oil.

#5 – Try To Consume Enough Dairy Food

For strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, adults should consume on average about 1200 mg Ca daily.

It is very important that you eat every day 3 or 4 products per day, choice of milk, yogurt or cheese. Or non-fat dairy products contain a lot of Ca.


We have touched on six tips to help you get fit and losing your weight.

This is another football game for those who have reached our 30th birthday. Just because you’re older, it does not mean that we cannot get in shape.

Getting or staying in shape once you turn 30th can be done. The rewards are great. Keep in shape, and you will look 10 years younger.

That is a perfect feeling.

Are you struggling with losing your weight? Do you know other practical ways to lose weight without damaging health? Would you share your experience to inspire thousands of women around the world?

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