Freelancing: How to Get Started With Your Home-based Business

freelancing for hard working mum


A freelancer is an individual who offers services to businesses and usually has multiple clients at any given point in time. The scope of freelancing is very broad and could include all the regular services that you find offline.

The beauty with freelancing is that you get to craft your own schedule while working on projects of your choice.

Even though the clients usually give specific rubrics for their tasks, freelancers have the privilege of determining the outcome of the work.

The pricing in freelancing is also not constrained as it is for independent contractors.

You will probably make a lot more doing the same job as a freelancer than you would as an employee.

The clientele is also different regarding regularity. Some buyers may require repeated projects on a regular basis while others may only order work with you once.


the scope of freelancing

There are a lot of things you could do out there provided you have the talent to write as well as the motivation to put in a lot of hours on your computer doing an insurmountable number of jobs.

Despite the fact that freelancing predominantly relies on your prowess in grammar and a heavy dose of imagination, anybody can make it as a freelancer provided they specialize in a particular niche.

Below are some of the subcategories you could specialize in and get the best out of your talent and skills at the comfort of your home.

Business writing

Venturing in this field may involve tackling white papers, articles, reports, pamphlets, speeches, press releases, and even writing advertisements for businesses.

Some clients may ask you to create a business plan for them from scratch.

Content optimization writing

Content writing is very broad and may include but not limited to blog posts, SEO articles, website microscopy (using a limited number of words to express an idea), as well as white papers and full-length articles.

Under the subcategories, there are finer services that you could specialize in, from technology to entertainment, finance, and medicine.

It is still possible to choose to write about everything that there is.

Projects involving writing for the web frequently require that you create traffic for a website. It then follows that you must optimize your content in order to realize the set-out goal.

Readers should be propelled to visit the site consistently. You need to be able to meet deadlines with specific word counts as instructed by the client.

You should also be able to utilize the keywords appropriately without jeopardizing the relevance and quality of the content.


This mainly involves writing articles and blog posts without owning proclaiming credit. A lot of musicians and celebrities hire ghostwriters to write lyrics, autobiographies, and even some book series. Such clients typically take credit for the work in spite of involving a team of writers.

Online coaching

This category involves making educational content. You may achieve this via Skype or other video conferencing media to coach students, become an instructional designer, work as a personal assistant or offer inspiration online. The most profitable practices here include offering full online courses and K-12 curriculum.

Periodical writing

Newspaper and magazine companies are more appealing while entering this field. The internet has made it easy to sell content to publications promptly. You could become a news writer, editorial writer or even a book/movie/music writer.


With freelancing being such a lucrative career choice, it is without a doubt that many people are considering venturing into it. The looming problem, however, is how to get started. Fortunately, commencing a successful career in freelancing is easy, you just need to follow the steps outlined below.

Unlock your Potential

A lot of things can be outsourced in the present world. For this reason, your skills and abilities are aligned to at least one freelancing opportunity out there. The right amount of faith in your abilities will be fundamental in realizing profits for you.

Do not despair because of lack of experience. You will be surprised about how much little experience you will need to start your freelancing career. Just think outside the box, and you will see yourself succeeding.

Create a unique brand

Standing out above the other freelancing services will help you go a long way. Offer unique services directly associated with your online persona (your website and social media accounts).

You need to create a brand that is special. Narrow down to a particular industry and see yourself become a successful freelancer.

Protect your track record

Many clients request for samples and qualifications before they can order with you. You need to build a portfolio with projects you have done in the past to build their trust.

If you give positive testimonials to clients, you are most definitely likely to become successful. Be willing to work for free for the right clients as you start in order to build your portfolio.

Market yourself

After building your portfolio, it is now time to start looking for gigs that pay. Opportunities are around you, from social media to Google and your neighborhood. Specialize in a particular industry that will convince clients that you are the best suitable person for them.

Be sure to play the odds as well and increase your clientele. The more you build your customer base, the more likely you are to find work.



In conclusion, above are some of the few things you need to get started as a freelancer. All of it is worthless if you are not willing to put in hard work and dedication.

There are numerous styles and assignment types for everyone. As you progress in freelancing, you will develop more skills and learn better.

You will be happy to work at your own convenience having narrowed down to a particular industry.

Have you ever tried to make money from home? How did you start your home business? What type of business do you do?

Maybe, you can share your experience and inspire thousands of women around the world.

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